UM Men


The United Methodist Men’s group meets monthly on the second Saturday at 8:00 am. for breakfast and Methodist fellowship. Location varies and will be posted here in advance of each breakfast. All Methodist men are welcome from any Methodist church..

Next Meeting:      December  9:     First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall 

Program At The Next Fellowship Breakfast:  Cherokee County Disaster Response Team. This Ministry is supported by Cherokee County United Methodist Men, financially and through manpower. The Disaster Response team  most recently responded to the need to repair and rebuild structures damage or destroyed by last years tragic fires in and around Gatlinburg, TN.  Dave Smith will explain how the Team is staffed, the scope of it’s capabilities, what the Team has accomplished in the past and what the Teams future activities will be.


 At the November Breakfast Fellowship, Reid Francis presented a program on “Why Men Hate Going To Church”.  Reid attended the 12th National Gathering of United Methodist Men this past July in Indianapolis , Indiana where he heard the presentation on this subject.   

  Reid Francis

     Reid’s  presentation explained the reasons why men and boys have fled churches of every kind resulting in a chronic shortage of men. Drawing on the David Murrow book, Reid set out the barriers to male church participation.


At the October fellowship breakfast, funds were allocated to purchase shirts, hats, neckerchiefs and sliders for 4 cub scouts. The picture below shows 2 recipients of these uniform items [the cub scouts are in blue.].



Our program October 21….  Industrial Opportunities Inc.  [IOI]    Working with adults with disabilities to achieve employment. Producer of Military products, medical products and elastic products from it’s 23 acre site in Andrews. Program will be presented by Dennis Myers, Vocational Evaluator/Work Adjustment Coordinator for IOI.

Industrial Opportunities, Inc.
Working with adults with disabilities to achieve employment

Phone: (828) 321-4754
Fax: (828) 321-4784


Learning about Renewed Hope Ministry at our September Fellowship Breakfast.




BIG FUND RAISING EVENT….Feed the eclipse crowd August 21

Eclipse Totality Day…..


PROGRAM August 5



Our Fund Raising Events

Chili Night [Usually in February]  and Spaghetti Supper [Usually May]




UMM also participates in the annual FUMC White Tag Sale and receives funding from that event.

What we do with the funds we raise:  We provide funds in support of….Alpha Group; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cherokee County; Boy Scouts; Cherokee County Sharing Center; Cherokee County Disaster Response Team; Hogsed Youth Conservation Day; Good Samaritan Fund;  Hurlburt Johnson Friendship House;  Wesley Foundation UWNC; Renewed Hope Ministries and other groups or activities in our community.


For information about the group, please contact Dick Taylor via phone or email at:
828-835-3162 (home)
828-541-3655 (cell)