Advent Season at FUMC Murphy

Trustee On Call April: Mark Cole – 706-871-2066

SPECIAL NOTICE:  for the remainder of the month of April, our worship services will be conducted virtually via YouTube and Facebook.  For the status of group and committee meetings, please contact your group leader.

We are creating contact lists to help each other during this health challenge.  We are encouraging you to check in on one another. Call the people you sit near on Sunday mornings. Check in on other members of your Circle, class, or group.  Also…

1. If you want to be on a list where you can count on someone calling to check in on you on a regular basis

2. If you want to be a person who calls other people

…please call Sue Bell at (828)-644-9405.

As always—but especially right now—we want to remind you that if you need help—picking up groceries, medications, or errands—and you can’t or don’t feel comfortable, getting out. Please call Sue at (828)-644-9405 and we’ll find a way to help.

1. If you need that sort of help

2. If you are willing to help.

For special announcements and information from Pastor Wil, please click on this link.

For parents with small children, we have reserved 2 parking spaces for your use in front of the Education Building and close to the Nursery.

To view the volunteer rotation schedules, click on this link.

 To view the FUMC Communicator Newsletters, click on the link below: