Trustee On Call:  Bob Smith, 828-361-9359

Hello, Church Family!

The main function of the Trustees is to take care of the physical properties of the Church.  Those properties are the Sanctuary, Education building, Harshaw Chapel / cemetery and the McClelland house.
The Trustees meet Monday, February 5.
The 2022 plan is on schedule.  The Trustees voted to replace the florescent bulbs with the LED bulbs.  Volunteers are needed to help with the process.  We will begin the work February 21st at 9a in the Fellowship Hall.  We will work till lunch (12p).  Then plan our next date.  It will be an undertaking, 338 bulbs.  If you feel uncomfortable climbing a ladder, that is OK.  We need help in other ways.  Hope to see you then.
Other items discussed:
  • Ice machine was been cleaned and ready for use
  • Privacy fence up
  • sinks fixed in the Sanctuary
  • Tri State Life Safety annual inspection completed
  • Play ground equipment covered up FUMC insurance policy
The Trustees have a 2022 plan.  In 2022 the Sanctuary will have its 100 year anniversary.  We would like to have it ready to face the next 100 years.  At the of top the list was the cleaning, restoration and cover of the stained glass windows and new front doors.  Those two have been accomplished.  Other items on our 2022 plan include:
  • Painting the dome of the Sanctuary and repairing the gutters.
  • New upholstery on the pews and kneeling pad.
  • New windows in the Education building.
  • Replacing all florescent bulbs with LED in Sanctuary and Education building.

Those are the bigger challenges.

You have a dedicated Trustee task force that I am very proud to be part of.  We all work tirelessly to stay ahead of any physical challenges of our FUMC buildings.
Trustee Chair, Flip Watson