Employment Opportunities

Part-Time Job
Job Title: 
Nursery Director
8-10 hours/week

Job Summary:

Seeking someone with Christian principles who enjoys working with infants through age 5. Responsible for managing 2 adjoining nursery/childcare rooms. The Director would be the primary child care provider and overall manager for weekly Sunday morning nursery (9:45am-12:15pm) and a 4 hour midweek parents morning out program.  Time is included in the job for simple curriculum preparation and volunteer scheduling.  The Director would work with and manage nursery workers and church volunteers for a minimum of 2 adult staff or volunteers for each nursery room.  Option to work special church events such as Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas Eve, VBS, etc.  Works under the direction of the Pastor and SPPRC (Staff, Pastor, Parish Relations Committee).

Overall Functions, Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create a clean, loving and safe environment for the children being cared for in the church nursery
  • Schedule volunteers for both nursery rooms and manage volunteer/parent rotation for parents morning out
  • Ensure age-appropriate care is provided to each child. This includes:  feeding, changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, holding or sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer.
  • Demonstrate a positive, friendly attitude with parents and children
  • Track attendance of children
  • Report needed supplies/concerns (such as damaged toys/equipment) to Pastor or SPPRC nursery representative
  • Keep nursery rooms neat, clean, and sanitized
  • Prepare lessons for nursery rooms and ensure resources and lessons are shared ahead of time with lead volunteers
  • Communicate volunteer schedule in advance with all volunteers
  • Notify the Pastor or church nursery representative of any planned absences with an advance two week notice. Any extenuating circumstances requiring an unplanned absence need to be reported at least 1-2 hours prior to the shift in order to recruit replacement volunteers.


  • Be trained in and follow guidelines of UMC Safe Sanctuary policies (church provides training)
  • Current certification in First aid as well as child and infant CPR (church will provide training if needed)
  • Background checks on all new employees
  • There will be two staff/volunteers in each nursery room each week in order to comply with the Safe Sanctuary Two Deep leadership
  • Good hand washing and sanitation must always be used while changing diapers or when in contact with body fluids. The changing table and supplies must be disinfected after each use
  • Follow nursery check in procedures. Children shall only be released to approved adults


  • Possess Christian principles. This position is a partnership in raising our church children in the faith in a nurturing, safe environment
  • Experience in caring for children between the ages of 0-5 with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities
  • Dependable
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Two-three references who can attest to personal responsibility, care for children, character and faith
  • Must have transportation

Termination policy:

  • There will be a 90 day probationary period where either party may terminate employment without cause. Beyond this a two week notice is expected from either party.
  • Dependability is essential. Tardiness and excessive absences will result in termination of employment
  • Immediate termination without notice will occur in cases of: Intentional verbal, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect of any child, parent or church member; Violations of Safe Sanctuary policy; if the employee is under criminal investigation for child abuse, neglect, endangerment or related charges