Welcome to our page about the January 23, 2023 event to promote home-based childcare. Murphy First United Methodist Church is hosting this event as part of a new initiative to recruit and grow home-based childcare in Cherokee County. The scarcity of this type of service in our county has driven this effort and we hope this event will help to support and better serve children and families. 
Home based child care is a widely utilized form of care for children under the age of five. We want to uplift this form of childcare as a vital and valued part of the early childhood system.
This event will include a variety of speakers including Alisa Stephens from Southwestern Child Care Commission and Holly Bryant from Tri-county Community Colleges’ Small Business Center. We hope the 90 minute presentation will give those attending a chance to learn what this type of small business is all about and how to get started. 
Childcare will be offered for free along with light refreshments. Registration is required. Please call 828-837-2718 to reserve your spot today. 
The event will be held in our Fellowship Hall, which is in the bottom floor of our 1950’s era building (next to our historic sanctuary) from 10 to 11:30 am.  
10:00Welcome & HousekeepingWil Posey
10:05Introductions & Roundtable DiscussionWil Posey
10:20FCCH Info Sharing Session
  1. Getting started: First Steps in Family Child Care Homes (FCCH)
  2. Prelicensing Workshops Schedule, January - March
  3. Resources from TCCC Small Business Center
Marji Hill
Holly Bryant
10:50Sharing Session continued:
   1. Support Resources from Southwestern CCC
     a. Business Plan Assistance
     b. Specialty Needs
     c. Special Needs or Behavioral Assistance
Gail Mattingly
Alisa Stephens
11:15Wrap-Up & ReviewWil Posey