Trustee On Call For February:  Blake Hughes 828-557-3354

Hello, Church Family!

Your church Trustees are responsible for all physical property held by Murphy FUMC as well as gifts made to our congregation for our continued mission in the “heart of Murphy”. The physical properties belonging to our church are the Sanctuary, Education building, Harshaw Chapel / cemetery and the Parsonage.

The restoration of the former Sharing Center area is in progress. This is an exciting time as the development of this space will provide opportunity for new ministries and further service to our community. The Trustees will be seeking volunteers to assist with various tasks as the project progresses.

The Harshaw Chapel restoration project, which has been somewhat hampered by a lack of funding, is a project that needs support. Temporary repairs have been made in order to protect the chapel, but there is an urgent need to repair the roof structure and then to restore the chapel’s steeple. We have received support from our association with “Partners for Sacred Places” and have had community members express new interest in restoring the chapel. This feels like a great opportunity for progress and we, the Trustees, request your help, support and prayers for this project.

Our church is blessed to have a dedicated group of Trustees committed to the care of all blessings God has provided the congregation.

Trustee Chair, Ricky Hill